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In the last post, I reflected that people of faith ought to be aware of the major issues being discussed at the important G20 Summit in Pittsburgh.

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Many investors found it difficult to predict which bonds the Fed would accept, however, which slowed down and often scuttled transactions.

The Fed grew more selective each month about the quality of the loan collateral it would accept, however. In fact, several times, it refused collateral that it had previously accepted.

The good news is that industry observers believe the Fed views the CMBS markets as returning to some semblance of normalcy. According to an analysis by Citigroup, AAA-bond spreads reduced from about 1, basis points to basis points over Treasurys from spring to this spring. Second, the improvement in spreads and the return of liquidity to the markets has stimulated some small-but-promising efforts to develop new CMBS-lending platforms -- an important fact for property-owners and their mortgage brokers.

This could bring back investors. The issue succeeded with only about percent TALF participation -- most investors were comfortable with the deal structure and pricing and did not need the Fed's assistance. Subsequently, two other large, single-borrower multiproperty deals came to market and were sold. Banks are restarting several programs, as well. This CMBS lender and others do not want to warehouse loans for any significant period of time.

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What the commercial real estate investment market -- plus borrowers and brokers -- clearly need is a reliable, stable, CMBS-loan market that is available to small and medium-size single-property borrowers. This is essentially how the CMBS loan market started in the early s. Although securitizing these loans also is an option, the FDIC has been packaging these loans for a structured sale.

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As more failed institutions hold significant commercial real estate positions, the FDIC is relying on the private market -- primarily, Wall Street firms and institutional investors -- to speed the process and generate higher returns than it would get from auctioning them off. The FDIC seeks investors who are experienced workout specialists and who can handle complex loan structures.

Because many of these portfolios are nonperforming, expertise in handling these types of situations is essential. In addition, investors experienced with construction and development loans are needed to determine if partially completed projects should be finished or shelved. The FDIC is reaching out to private due-diligence firms to help with the loan-audit and site-inspection process to get a solid handle on the collateral.

The FDIC also works with select Wall Street firms to put the pools together and target specific investors who meet their criteria.

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With the ultimate goal being to recover the most for taxpayers, the FDIC will partner with these investors by providing low-cost loans, equity and guarantees. As assets are worked out, the FDIC will participate in the upside and share in the income and expenses. In addition to the structured-sale program, the FDIC is selling the assets of failed institutions by turning to the secondary market to package the loans as securities for sale. Along with maximizing taxpayers' return, the FDIC hopes to create market liquidity and allow investors and other lenders to put their money to work and restart commercial real estate lending.

This should increase the deal flow for mortgage brokers and lenders. In addition, the FDIC's strategy of unloading larger transactions assumes there will be continued investor appetite for deals that come with the federal government as a partner. From a CMBS standpoint, there are several legislative and regulatory issues to address before the market thrives again. Anal Cancer. Cancer of Unknown Primary. Diet and Exercise. Gallbladder Cancer.

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