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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Emma and Henry leave Storybrooke before Peter Pan curse hits the town. How will it affect Emma when Hook decides to join them. During the Missing Year, the crew from Storybrooke decide to hold a Christmas celebration—one that Regina gets roped into participating in quite literally against her will.

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  • Haunted forests and spooky woods.
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She just wants some peace and quiet and to gaze upon his pretty, scruffy face without his incessant speaking and breathing and… Wait! A collection of Missing Year moments in which a thief carefully makes his way close to someone's heart and a Queen is more than flustered by it. Featuring a thief's little boy, Snow White and her sometimes-charming Prince, as well as a wild assortment of Merry Men.

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Rated T to M. All we want to do is make sure you're all right, give you the love we know you want and need. Please see the guide below for more information on historical landmarks, quaint villages, surrounding market towns and other attractions that the New Forest has to offer. Feel free to use the infographic above on your website by using the following embed code.

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Please make sure to keep the source attribution to Jurys Inn. Explore the New Forest in a new and exciting way, with this fairyland style map. Ringwood is a fun little market town steeped in history and locally loved for its surrounding forestry where children can build bases, forts, rope swings over streams, and become adventurers, explorers, outlaws or pirates. Quaint, picturesque and a little magical, Beaulieu is a New Forest village overflowing with Georgian cottages, country sweet shops, and natural beauty.

Nestled in the New Forest, Burley is a quintessential country village that oozes charm and enchantments.

With wildlife roaming freely and legends of dragons, witches and smugglers, Burley is truly unique in character. Situated on the banks of the River Avon, Fordingbridge is draped in riverside beauty with riverbank willows and greenery. Known for its elegant seven arched bridge, hidden memorial gardens, and historic St.

The largest populated village within the New Forest, Brockenhurst shows signs of dating back to the Bronze-age with burial mounds called tumuli dotted around the area. Brockenhurst is bursting with country pubs, a rich history and of course, plenty of natural beauty including a 1, year old tree …. The resting place of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle writer of Sherlock Holmes , Minstead is a tiny hamlet dating back to prehistoric times that today offers just a village shop, hall, church All Saints , and pub The Trusty Servant.

Surrounded by woodlands, heathlands, a valley bog and an array of wildlife, Minstead is a tranquil haven. Situated on the southern edge of the New Forest, Lymington is an exquisite coastal market town boasting Georgian architecture, cobblestone streets, two marinas, and independent boutiques. The north of the town is boarded with the luscious greenery of the New Forest with stretches of woodlands and heathlands, while south of Lymington affords beautiful views of the Solent. Boasting remains from Stone Age and Roman occupation, Fawley is a historical village on the western shore of the Solent.

The beautiful All Saints Church dates back to A coastal New Forest town, Hythe offers seafront beauty, a Victorian pier, and the oldest working pier train in the world. As these photos reveal, it looks like Isaac was some sort of appliance salesman for a store that carries color TVs, which became more popular with consumers in the s.

The couple's clothes also point to that decade. Bonus: A shout-out to ABC! Then again, if Isaac lived during the real s, any sorts of magical reasons could explain why he hasn't aged. Kitsis says, "In the finale, we're also going to learn more about the Author's past.

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Yes, [through] flashbacks. Get scoop on 35 must-watch finales!

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Someone's death will set up next year's big plot "We will be telling you what next year is about in the final scene," Kitsis says. The Author may die Traditionally, The Author is only supposed to record events, not change them, but Isaac has proven to meddle quite a lot in people's fates, which is why the villains are so riled up with constantly being denied their happy endings.

If Isaac makes huge changes to the Storybrooke crowd and then dies, this could set up the change in condition dilemma that's been teased for next year. I would say we actually answer that exact question in the finale," Horowitz says. Zelena Rebecca Mader may die Like The Author, her death could cause problems, especially if she's done something magical or set up a curse that affects everybody. Sadly, it would also eliminate the need to address the fact that she's carrying Robin Hood's baby, which Regina would probably be happy about. Good riddance, half sis!

Although it would be easy for Once to kill off someone that we don't know well or care about such as The Author or Zelena , wouldn't it matter more if one of the core cast died?

Gold's heart has been seriously damaged, and last we saw him, he was drained, sitting on the floor of his pawn shop. Also, Kitsis says that the Belle-Gold-Will love triangle "will absolutely be ending. We'll get a conclusion on that. What happens if the Dark One dies?

Haunted forests and spooky woods | National Trust

We could find out! Also, rarely does anyone die permanently on this show, so Gold could come back next year. Henry may become the next Author We know that Henry Jared Gilmore is going to step up his game in the finale. After all, as the Savior's son and Gold's grandson, we've been waiting for him to get pulled into some sort of grand heroics or show off some innate ability.

But why would he become the Author?